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7 Foods to Avoid for Optimal Health

7 Foods to Never eat for Optimal Health

So much of our food supply has become processed and far removed from what is truly natural, real, organic food.  Remember our grandparents didn’t’ talk about “organic” food – they just called it food.

There is however, so much conflicting information regarding what foods are healthy and which are not, that it is difficult to know what to eat for you and your family’s health.  However, there are some foods so clearly harmful that they should be avoided in almost every situation as they provide no benefit and pos a real health risk.

At thebestfoodstv, we are focused on what foods are best for your health.  Today we  focsu on the other side of that same coin. Here are ten foods to never eat again if you are serious about long term deep health.


White Bread and refined, enriched white flour.

The primary reason white bread and flours are bad for your body is that they are first stripped of all nutrition, all vitamins and minerals. They are a mere shadow of what the grains began as part of the flour. As a result, the body struggles to figure how to digest them and even assimilate anything that is digested. These are sometimes called anti-nutrients as they confuse and cause problems for the body.

In most cases, white flour has been bleached white using chlorine and then brominated with bromide.  These two horrible chemicals have been directly linked to thyroid damage and other problems.  Likely the increase in chron’s disease and other digestive problems partly result from these types of processed products as well.


White rice.

Similar to white bread, this should be avoided as its nutrients have been stripped away  and the bran and germ removed.  Even when fortified with added vitamins, the body still struggles to know how to digest white rice.  IN contrast, brown rice, with its nutrients intact, is absorbed more slowly and efficiently.  White rice, lacking this can also cause a spike in blood sugar.

In most cases anything that is white should be avoided or eaten cautiously.  Some exceptions include the very beneficial Cauliflower.


Microwave popcorn.

Although a favorite of many and a very easy to make snack, it is a very poor choice of food.  It is firstly almost always GMO corn (genetically modified organism) which can be extremely harmful to anyone’s health.  Additionally the salt is processed bleached salt (see above for cautions on anything artificially made white) and chemicals and preservatives to give it flavor.

Add to this that it is now known that the chemical used for the microwave corn is diacetyl that can be very damaging to your lungs.  Never breath in the vapors released when open the microwave bag- those initial fumes are filled with its deadly chemical.  Never breath that.

If you really want popcorn, begin with organic non-GMO corn kernels and you can learn to pop it in grass fed butter or coconut oil and add some sea salt.  There will then actually be some beneficial components to the snack.


Cured meats cured with nitrates or nitrites.

These are deadly. Deli meats, hot dogs and many other meats such as summer sausage and bacon are often saturated with sodium nitrite and other preservatives that are now linked to many diseases including heart disease.

For those eating meat, there are many beneficial types including some cured products like Nicks Sticks.  For this category of food, stick with grass fed organic meat. Protein Bars.  Conventional store bought protein and energy bars. Most of these are marketed as healthy energy and protein bars but are a poor choice for a healthy diet. Most of these start with soy protein or protein isolate. This almost always means GMO soy and chemicals being used to isolate the protein. Reading carefully you will almost always also see refined sugar additives and most harmful, partially hydrogenated oils.

Thankfully this is one category where there are numerous excellent choices. Boku Super Bars are incredibly nutrient dense, packed with many sprouted vegetables.  Organic food bar, Vega Sport and others are great options. We have covered food bars in another article as they are so easy to switch from poor choices to good food choices and are fantastic snacks.


Frozen Prepared Meals

Conventional processed frozen Dinners. Most of these processed dinners are packed with preservatives, chemicals, processed white salt and hydrogenated oils, all of which are so detrimental to health. Most are usually over cooked as well, destroying most of the nutrient value of the original ingredients. This harmful aspect is doubled when the meals are then microwaved.

When you need the convenience of a prepared meal, chose for healthier options such as the meals from Organic Bistro or Amy’s.  These are known to begin with organic healthy ingredients.  Better still is preparing meals at home.


Conventional Beef.

Conventional beef also known as factory farmed beef is full of negative aspects. Firstly being fed GMO corn instead of organic grass, the omega3 and omega6 fat balance is thrown off, turning what can be a beneficial form of omegas into a harmful ratio. Cows are not designed to digest corn and as a result develop all sorts of problems.  As well when beef is finished at factory finis lots, they are pumped full of antibiotics to keep them from getting sick from the cramped quarters and dirty conditions of the finish lots.

Reduce the amount of beef eaten and make it grass fed. You will have made great strides in improving your health.
Avoiding these 7 harmful processed “foods” and focusing on instead the best foods including things like Coconut Oil, mushrooms, Kale, broccoli, sprouts and other green vegetables with some fruits and grass fed beef will make a dramatic difference not only in your overall health but in how you feel as well.  We will cover the to best foods to eat in another article.  Coconut Oil and Kale are so powerful that they will have their own articles.

Add more of these great foods and begin trying smoothies and vegetable juices (juiced at home fresh) and you will never want to go back to feeling the way you did before.


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