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Weight Control Factors

Weight Control is a combination of many factors under our control.  Total calories, the foods we choose and exercise are a few of those that we all know.  But the actual foods eaten or avoided is often the key to losing weight and overall health.  The goal should really be deep health inside our bodies and feeling truly great.

So let’s discuss a few well known and not so well known factors when it comes to choosing foods for overall well being and weight control.


Detoxifying our bodies is one of the most critical firs steps in overall well being.  Cleansing some of the junk inside our bodies frees the body up to function more effectively.  There are many ways and forms of detox.

Infrared Saunas

An infrared sauna can be an incredible method of detox.  The infrared, if a top quality sauna is chosen, can penetrate up to 2 inches inside the body, causes the cells to vibrate and shake off toxins.  Especially when deep tissue and fatty cells shake off the toxins, the body is able to rid itself of a lot of its toxic overload.  It has been shown that while 3% of the sweat from a traditional steam sauna is toxins, the sweat from an infrared session can be up to 20% toxins.  The difference is amazing.

Green Smoothies and Green Juice

Green smoothies are another great tool in detox for the body.  Our favorite smoothies are kale, cucumber, spinach and broccoli sprouts.  This is a powerful punch of nutrients to the body.  Juicing vegetables is also another great way to flood the body with nutrition, keeping calories low and allow us to get many times more total vegetables than if we tried to eat the same amount.



Sugar Detox

Dr. Hyman has built an entire business and books  regarding a 10-day detox diet.  The primary foundation of his program it seems, is to detox the body of sugar.  There is more involved than that, but removing the foods that give the body its toxic overload and adding those that remove them.  But removing sugar in all its forms gets the body out of its toxic state.

These sugars also include simple carb that convert to sugars.  processed corn chips, grains, gluten in any form and starches that  convert to simple sugars.  His book is a tremendous read.  It is, however, not light reading and could takes months to digest all of the information.  His program has provided many with relief and weight control for the first time ever in their lives, along with many things that ail the body disappearing form their lives.

Good Foods

Some foods such as Coconut oil as well help the body to manage its weight.

Another food combination that is extremely potent for removing some heavy metal toxins from the body is Chlorella and Cilantro.  Especially for those with amalgam fillings or loaded with mercury and other heavy metals, the can be very effective.  Cilantro is an herb which  has the ability to break the bond that mercury has as it is attached to cells.  But this frees up the mercury which most can then float around the body and reattached to other cells.  This is why combining with chlorella is so important.  Chlorella binds to heavy metals especially to Mercury.

Used in combination this can remove a significant amount of the body’s mercury overload.  It is also advisable when eating any seafood to add some chlorella to that meal as it will bind to the mercury in the fish and not allow it to be absorbed into the body.  The only clean fish to eat are Wild caught Alaskan salmon and small fish such as herrings.  Even these can contain mercury, but at much lower levels.  The higher predator fish such as tuna contain very high levels of the heavy metal.

Chlorella is useful for so many things besides binding to mercury.  It is a green algae that has the highest level of chlorophyll of any known food.  It is high in easily-absorbed protein and lots of nutrients.  It is one of the top foods for anyone to add into their daily diets.

As the body detoxifies, it begins to need less food, and retain less fat.  The body will recognize it needs less fat cells to hold the toxins and it will reduce yours. It is also more efficient in absorbing nutrients and will require less calories.

High Nutrient Content

The body really needs certain amounts of nutrients.  If the calories consumed are processed, dead and empty calories, the body will continue to ask for more food as it tries to reach its nutrient needs.  Focus on nutrient dense foods.  Vegetables high on the ANDI scorecard, with ANDI values of 500-1000 are superb choices.  Kale is one of the foods with a perfect 1000 score, providing the most nutrients for the calories consumed.

Most diet weight loss pills or appetite control products have numerous ingredients and often negative side effects.  Even the natural ones such as raspberry ketones do not contain natural ketones.

As other natural appetite suppressants and other foods are studied that are shown to be safe, they will be reviewed and placed on this site.  We recently looked at a few such as slim and sassy but numerous  people complained of reacting to the stevia that the product has in it.  As well, others that ramped up the metabolism to cause weight loss gave many people nervous feelings or jittery sensations.  We will sample and use a few natural products and report in the future.

There are also foods themselves that can naturally help suppress the appetite which also allows for better food choices.  We believe strongly in natural appetite control methods.  Even just a handful of almonds can be a fast acting natural appetite control method.

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