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Jackson’s Honest Chips Provide Taste & Insights

Jackson’s Honest Chips – a Healing Oil

Why talk about a potato chip?  They’re all the same anyway right? Not with Jackson’s.

What makes Jackson’s Honest Chips completely unique is that they are made with Coconut oil – at this time the only chips in the world made with this incredible nourishing healthy oil.  By itself this would be enough of a distinction.  Coconut Oil is full of saturated fats- the good kind.  And half of that fat is lauric acid which is converted into monolaurin, which in turn is a powerful ally in our fight against viruses and bacteria which can cause disease.

Coconut oil has the highest smoke point of any oil as well meaning it can be heated to a higher temperature without losing its molecular structure or becoming rancid.  However, Jackson’s still keeps its temperature low during the frying process.  Their process takes up to 10 x as long as conventional chip making processes.

But, in a very refreshing change from convention,  the company’s intent is to make a healthy version of a chip, not to sell as many mass produced chips as possible.

I do think you might be better off to have a couple tablespoons of organic virgin coconut oil straight instead of the chips, but if you are going to snack as almost everyone does, these chips will actually have some beneficial properties, so dig in.jacksons purple

Their newest flavor, Purple Heirloom Potato was just recently revealed at the Expo East.  We were able to attend Expo East and it was another exciting energy filled event.


Jackson’s Story

But Jackson’s is much more than just a chip.  The story behind the company is fascinating and inspiring and should cause every one of us to be grateful and hopefully prompt us to share and help others.  And the story alone is compelling.  But the company is even more than the story.  As Megan Reamer, the founder and CEO of Jackson’s says, it is more than a story , it is a movement.  A  movement against and away from unhealthy overly processed vegetable oil types fats and towards healthy fats.

She has learned what we have known in part all along.  There are fats that harm and fats that heal.  Yes fats that actually heal.

I was fortunate enough to talk with Meagan several times and interview her about her story.  I have the video of that interview here below to share with you.  It is worth the several minutes of your time.  Megan is an incredibly strong and kind woman with a passionate story that I guarantee will touch you.

To her, the company is not as much a business as it is a payback or a debt of gratitude for the healing and life saving effects of Coconut oil and a few other healthy saturated fats.

The Company’s History

jackson ReamerJackson was the Reamers’ first child and he grew and progressed normally for a couple years.  Then he began to have weakness in his legs and other developmental and internal issues.  The details can be seen as written by Meagan on their website, and I believe ti is most respectful to the Reamers for the full story to be read there.  However the highlights include Jackson beginning to lose weight and having GI problems.  These developed to a point where his doctors had never experienced anything like it.

Around the age of three and a half, he was in the hospital and weighed only 17 pounds and going downhill fast.  They visited specialists in every field of traditional and alternative medicine and had no solution or answers.  He was suffering from a rare form of an auto-immune disease and the Reamers took him home with the message that he had perhaps 2 weeks or so to live.

Megan then discovered a recipe book her husband had recently purchased that was based on pure foods.  Non-processed foods based on meat proteins and healthy types of fats.  They put Jackson on this diet of grass fed butter, coconut oil, meats and other similar nutrient dense foods.

Within two weeks his weight loss had stopped, he was sleeping through the night and symptoms were subsiding.  Eventually, with this change alone, he made progress and his diseases stopped. He is still wheelchair bound and cannot do many things for himself  – again the details can be found on their website in Megan’s words.  Eventually as well they learned he was one of only 8 children to suffer from this particular form of his disease.


The fats providing the only healing he experienced from all the methods tried.  Megan told me she learned that there are fats that harm and fats that heal.

smaller jacksons fmaily smallerAnd the company’s mission is to hopefully help someone  turn away from harmful fats and turn to good fats.

It is more than a chip company.

Oh- but the chips taste great!  You really need to try these chips made with coconut oil  They have a very different taste than standard chips.




The Chips

 jacksons scott asembly lineAs mentioned the chips are made with organic virgin coconut oil, which in our opinion at thebestfoodstv, is the #1 food to add to anyone’s diet.  They start as heirloom organic potatoes that are grown under scrutiny by the Reamers.  And the ingredients
are simple and straightforward.  They believe that if you use only  simple, clean ingredients than the chips can be the best available.

My favorite was the basic sea salt chips and I have always liked dipping them in a bit of ketchup – like healthy fries.  Some family members think it is strange to enjoy them this way.  My least favorite has been the sweet potato as I don’t prefer the taste of sweet potatoes, but even these are good, just not my favorite.  I find dipping them in a bit of salsa is actually tasty.

The company then came out with salt and vinegar in 2014 and my favorite changed.  The vinegar is strong but delicious.

Then the Mango Chili Lime was released the week I interviewed Megan.  These smelled very sweet as you open the bag but are strongly spicy and bite quite a bit from even the first chip.  I tried them and they became my new favorite.


Expoeast croppedThis year at Expo East in October, 2015, the purple potato chips were showcased and revealed.  As the Mango Chili Lime have now been replaced with Barbecue, my new favorite is a tie between the Barbecue and these newly released Purple Heirloom.    I suspect the Barbecue will become my new favorite as I even asked Megan about them during my 2014 interview with her.  But you should definitely try these new Purple Heirloom.  Jackson’s has again created another winner.


The packaging has been changed in the fall of 2015 as well.  But still the same non-GMO, organic, pure and clean ingredients as always.


You owe it to yourself to try these chips.  And perhaps you will treat yourself well enough to switch to coconut processed chips entirely.