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12 Foods that Help Suppress Appetite Naturally

Foods That Help Naturally Suppress Appetite

There are times when you start to get that hunger feeling and a meal is still an hour or two in the future.  While an organic natural appetite suppressant may be a tremendous help, perhaps it is not handy or convenient.  Help may still be readily available, perhaps as close as the refrigerator.  Food?  Yes, food.  While of course food satisfies hunger, sometimes it can also be a short term in-between meals way to control that hunger until your next meal.

So  what foods naturally  work as emergency appetite suppressants? We have listed 12 foods that fall into this hunger-curbing category.  In addition to a being short term help, these listed foods eaten regularly, along with taking an aid such as Appethyl, will add additional support to curbing your hunger and helping you lose weight and retraining your body, brain and digestive system on nutrition and hunger management.  That is a side benefit of these foods as well as a good naturally based appetite suppressant if used thoughtfully.  This approach is especially beneficial to those suffering from Hedonic Hunger issues.

A principle to remember is that foods with high water content and lower calories are great choices.  As well, 2 cups of cabbage will help far more than 2 cups of cashews.  Both will fill the stomach and temporarily provide a feeling of fullness.  However, the hunger will come back faster with foods that empty from the stomach more quickly.  As well, cabbage will have provided less than 50 calories while the cashews almost 1000.


So what are some great choices for hunger-curbing foods?

Glass of water

  1. Water.  One of the best emergency fixes for short term cravings is a large glass of clean water. In fact, in most cases if you can drink 8-16 ounces of water and wait 10 minutes, your hunger will nearly always be put aside temporarily. The key is to drink the water as soon as you begin to feel hungry and to be able to wait at least 10-15 minutes for the water to have its effect.


  1. Organic Vegetable Broth. If you find that water does not solve the hunger problem for you, you can try vegetable broth, which can be found at nearly any health store.The important key with this is to make sure you the broth does not contain any excitotoxins, the ingredients that can cause nerve damage by over stimulating and exciting the body and nerves.  Excitotoxins would include the common culprits of MSG, yeast extract, any vegetable proteins that are hydolyzed and autolyzed yeast extract.Ingredients scuh as yeast extract are just another name for MSG, which a high percent of the population reacts negatively to in one form or the other including serious headaches.Chicken broth can be consumed instead of vegetable broth with similar result.  Either eaten as a soup can often fill you up completely with only 20-30 calories, much less than a snack food you might be tempted to eat.


  1. Green Leafy Vegetables.  These are easy to rinse and begin eating in seconds and are therefore very readily available and fast acting.  Salad dressings are ok if you don’t like to eat greens dry, but limit the dressing to what would be 80-100 calories on top of a large amount of greens.  In addition to add the nutrition these pack, they send signals to the brain that you are full often more readily than other foods.
    |Leafy Vegetables. As mentioned previously, these have a lot of bulk, some water content and very low calorie amounts. Spinach, Bok Choy, cabbage and others often causes the body to burn as many calories to digest as the vegetables themselves provide, giving you an added bonus in weight control. Sometimes these are referred to as negative calorie type of foods.




  1. A large apple will have calories and carbs, but it also has a lot of fiber and high water content, filling you up and stopping hunger in its tracks. This alone can prevent you from craving calorie-laden low nutrient junk foods and processed foods. This is our favorite hunger-curbing food, partly as they just plain taste good and are mentally satisfying to eat. Grab the largest apple you can find and eat it before the hunger really takes over.Once the hunger is strong, you may be tempted to go for that 1000 calorie bag of chips instead, which will be  consumed long before you body tells you you are full, which is the trap of junk and processed food.   With an apple you are also getting vitamins, minerals and all types of phytonutrients.



  1. Nuts contain healthy types of fats and help keep cholesterol low, but they are also a great source of appetite-curbing fiber. Nuts digest slowly, keeping your stomach full for longer periods of times than other carbohydrates.  A fourth-cup of Almonds has over four grams of fiber.  Keep some nuts at your workplace to tide you over for an hour until you can get a good meal.Our favorite?  Almonds.  These contain rich amounts of magnesium and Vitamin E.


  1. A bowl of oatmeal will keep you feeling full longer than most foods and contain five grams of fiber. Rolled oats are fine, but if you have the time, steel cut oats add more beneficial fiber as well. Oatmeal also has the interesting  attribute of increasing cholecystokinin, a hormone that regulates appetite.


  1. Spices.  Not only do spices keep food interesting and taste great, but adding spices to soups or other foods can keep you fuller longer and some can ramp up the metabolism, burning off more calories as well. Another benefit, as is the case with the powerful Turmeric, is the health and immune supporting benefits of these spices.


  1. Avocados have a fair amount of calories, but are also full of healthy monounsaturated fats. These fats keep you feeling full and can bridge a gap until a full meal.  They are also a great source of potassium and other nutrients. The best approach with an avocado for hunger reduction purposes,  is to eat it more slowly and choose a small to medium sized fruit. This will reduce the amount of calories and allow the fats to signal the satiety hormones sooner.


  1. Flax Seeds. While not as convenient to consume as other foods mentioned, freshly ground flaxseeds are a great source of omega-3s which help to suppress appetite but also provide excellent appetite-stomping fiber.


  1. Chia Seeds. These are similar to flax seeds in their benefit. Chia seeds also have many other tremendous health benefits and are one of the top foods of those serious about dense nutrition.


  1. For most people, lean proteins such as eggs can help control appetite for up to 12-24 hours. A study in 2005 also showed that people who had eggs for breakfast snacked less during the day. This is one food to experiment with for each person to determine their own benefit.


  1. Potatoes are interesting in that they contain a special kind of starch which resists digestive enzymes,. therefore staying in your stomach for longer periods and keeping you full.  When eaten in moderation, potatoes provide a lot of Vitamins C and A.These need to be planned for more in advance to allow cooking time and not as convenient as fresh greens, water or an apple but are a great food for hunger control.


Now there is a catch to most of these foods.  After about an hour of consuming them, your body will figure out there is not much calorie-energy in these foods and your hunger will return.  But you have stopped the hunger for an hour and perhaps prevented eating less desirable calorie, fat and salt laden junk food.

And you should avoid simply having 100 calorie salads for every meal as you body could then go into starvation mode and being adding fat.

Losing weight and controlling hunger does take will power.  There will be times when you are hungry.  But having some of these foods available can often help.  And adding Appethyl, discussed in detail here, will be a tremendous help in appetite control.  We really like the science behind this spinach extract and how it naturally, with one organic ingredient, naturally helps with hunger management.

To your health and weight loss.

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