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How Do Thylakoids Work to Suppress Appetite?

What Are Thylakoids?

You have probably heard a lot about Appethyl and how effective it is at naturally suppressing appetite.  And you may have heard the term Thylakoids associated with the product.  But what are they anyway? You can read the Full review of Appethyl here that includes where to buy.

Thylakoids are part of the membranes inside the chloroplasts found in leafy greens such as spinach which help in weight control and hunger management.  It is these compounds that provides the hunger control benefit.

Appethyl is a spinach extract but why was spinach chosen? Many leafy greens could be used to extract the thylakoids but as spinach is extremely rich in them, it was chosen to be the raw material and basis for the green powder.

Thylakoids are not released when normally eating leafy greens, but rather the greens process through our bodies without releasing them.  Therefore an extraction process is needed.  This product  uses carefully treated spinach which frees the bound components resulting in the patented all natural product which is all green powder from only the spinach with nothing added., resulting in a profoundly beneficial powder.


How do Thylakoids help in appetite Suppression?

thylakoids method of actionWhen eating, the body itself sends various signals to the brain that it is satisfied or full.  Unfortunately many times these signals take a long time to be sent and overeating occurs.  As well, many foods today are pre packaged or processed and can be eaten quickly, not allowing the body time to compete its signally process.  Appethyl basically provides the body time needed to send these signals by among other things, slowing down the digestive process.

The thylakoids help appetite suppression in three separate processes.

  1. The delay in fat absorption aids in the release of satiety hormones. CCK is one of the primary hormones that send the signals of satiety to the brain.   GLP-1, another satiety hormone is released when the process of overall food digestion is slowed.

Appethyl has been tested in 8 clinical trials in Lund University in Stockholm Sweden, demonstrating that it prompts the body to increase its release of these and other hormones.  This results is a feeling of being full resulting much quicker and lasting for 4-6 hours after ingesting with a meal.

  1. Appetite reduction. As thoughts of food and hunger are reduced for 4-6 hours after consuming Appethyl, weight loss is easier and overall energy is improved as the stress of thinking of food is removed.
  2. The reduction of uptake of carbohydrates.

Additionally, participants in the clinical trials experienced a reduction of thinking about food in general in between meals.  As well, surprisingly, the craving for sweets and chocolate was dramatically reduced, even more than the overall desire for food.  This makes it much easier to stick to any healthy eating plan.  Normally a general feeling of being hungry is the biggest hurdle in any well-intended weight loss plan.


How was All of This Discovered?

Charlotte Erlanson-Albertson, Professor of Medicine at Lund University was the first to discover the substantial effect thylakoids have on hunger.  She states that thylakoids’ main function and result is to provide the body time to  perform its own functions of signaling that it is full and satisfied, one that would normally happen without a faster paced, “pre-chewed pre digested” eating pattern.  Charlotte Erlanson-Albertson has over two decades of research into foods effects on the body with research on Thylakoids going back as far as 2009.

Thylakoids, their use and production are covered by 3 patents and a patent pending in the United States as well.


Chloroplasts and Thylakoids

thylakoids smGet ready for a brief biology lesson – although your eyes may begin glaze over and you may feel like skipping this, it is important to understand how thylakoids are so beneficial and so difficult to extract through normal eating.

As we know, plants create their own food through the process called photosynthesis, converting sunlight into food inside the plants’ cells.  Chloroplasts are where this photosynthesis takes place, in fact inside each of these plant cells can be hundreds of chloroplasts. These Chloroplasts reside in the cytoplasm of the plant’s cells. They are these flat structures shaped like Frisbees and they are filled with thylakoids (see, we got to the thylakoids).

The thylakoids are stacked one on top of another in the liquid inside the Chloroplasts. While a lot more is involved in the photosynthesis process and more inside the Chloroplasts, this demonstrates how tiny and packed deep inside the plant these structures are.

When we eat, we obtain very few of these to help the body signal that feeling of satiety.  Instead we continue eating past the point where we need more food.

Lund University has developed the method to extract these through a process much more involved than simply crushing the spinach into powder.  So regular spinach powder does not supply these hunger controlling components in sufficient quantity to tell the body that it is full.


What is the best way to take Appethyl?

The best way to take this is with breakfast.  One tablespoon was enough for most participants in the trials to reduce hunger for the entire day. But it is important to note that all of this process needs some amount of fats to be consumed to function properly.  So if you normally eat mostly fat free, some amount of fat needs to be added to the meal. This is critical to activate the appetite suppression actions of the thylakoids.

A few ways to accomplish this could be as simple as adding  some olive oil to a salad, having some coconut oil or even part of an avocado. As smoothies have become very popular, mixing the green powder in a green smoothie that has half an avocado added makes a delicious thick smoothie.  For a real treat, adding a tablespoon of cocoa powder makes it close to a chocolate milkshake.

Thylakoids in this form hold tremendous hope for the millions in North America suffering from being overweight and the hunger control that prevents them from obtaining their weight and health goals.  A full review of Appethyl can be found here that includes information on how and where to buy it.

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